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Servicing New Orleans, Metaire, Slidell, Belle and Kenner, Louisiana

When looking to expand, upgrade and/or renovate your loading dock or door equipment, Overhead Door of New Orleans has the answer for your dock and door project. Overhead Door of New Orleans is the leading service provider in the loading dock, door, and equipment industry in New Orleans, Louisiana and its surrounding areas:

  •  Metairie, LA – also known as Fat City, businesses range from manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade to transportation and warehousing, and real estate.
  • Slidell, LA – a resilient, progressive city best known for its family-friendly environment and business-friendly outlook.
  • Belle Chasse, LA – name that literally means “good hunting”, this city is ideal for economic growth because of low tax base, comprehensive transportation networks, the availability of raw materials, an able workforce, and a pro-business attitude.
  • Kenner, LA – a prime location for business ventures, it is best known to be a New Orleans suburb.

We offer installations, renovations, upgrades, and expansionsOverhead Door of New Orleans offers solutions for both homeowners and Businesses.

Dock levelers and lifts

These are needed for adjusting the height differences between the truck and the loading dock, and what a helpful tool this is.  We have several products under this category. Namely: Mechanical Dock Levelers, Hydraulic Dock Levelers, Air Powered Dock Levelers, and Specialty Dock LevelersWe also have different Loading Dock Options like APS Dock Leveler, T-Track Brush Weather, Seal and Dock, and In-Plants Lifts. Every product under these categories was specifically designed to suit a specific purpose.

Dock seals and shelters

We know the crucial role this equipment plays. We have to keep those trailer bodies sealed tight for protection during cargo handling. We have designs with Head Pad Dock Seal, Ultra Seal with head curtain, Dock Seal with fixed head pad, and a lot moreWe also have designs like mechanical rail shelter wherein the shelters are suspended on a steel frame and equipped with steel extension arms. Everything here is for you to choose from.

Safety Equipment and Truck Restraints

Safety is of the utmost importance. We offer a large selection of the best safety equipment and truck restraints.


We have a variety of mechanical doors suited for your every need.

Energy Efficient products

We offer energy efficient products to answer the demands for a more cost-effective and sustainable solution that enhances energy-efficiency of operations and reduces energy costs

Industrial fans

Highly Recommended! Fans balance the internal environment with a gentle mass of air or “floor jet,” which creates a more even temperature to protect product integrity and prevent potential product spoilage. It also helps provide a more comfortable working environment for our employees.

If our commercial products are top-of-the-line, so are our residential ones. We have a collection of garage doors that can be suitable for just about anything. From efficacy, design, and UV-protection, these doors are well-versed to the needs of the homeowners of New Orleans.

Quality service is always a top priority in Overhead Door of New Orleans. With that said, we provide you with the best team of factory trained and fully qualified service technicians – some with over 25 years of experience. Having these years of experience under their belts is an obvious mark of their expertise when it comes to the kind of service they can give – topnotch, of course. Needless to say, our employees are some of the best in the industry.

Operating on a national scale, Overhead Door of New Orleans a Division of DuraServ has been catering to a variety of clients across the United States and in Canada with large and small facilities. We have specialized services offered for specific industries from High Volume Warehousing and Distribution, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and Refrigeration/Cold Storage to Parking Garages, Manufacturing, High Security Facilities, Heavy Industrial Applications, Energy Efficient Facilities, Transportation and Transit, Retail, and Auto Dealers &  Service Centers. You do not have to worry about not finding what you are looking for. With Overhead Door of New Orleans, we will work with you to create the loading dock environment that you are precisely envisioning.

Why choose us? The question should be, why not choose us? Minimizing your downtime and maximizing your productivity are our top priorities. We all know how difficult it can be when parts of equipment don’t work. That is why we have our products always on standby any time you need it. If it is a part of the loading dock environment, we have it, and we supply it. Overhead Door also designs, builds, and supplies a complete turnkey solution, so we have that covered for you.  Beating the clock when it comes to deadlines is something you don’t have to worry about anymore since we have the expertise, equipment, and manpower to achieve just that. Choose the team with the most experience and quality service.

Overhead Door of New Orleans

For your dock and door products and services needs in New Orleans, Louisiana, contact us at 504-822-0345 or send us a service request here.

We are also serving homeowners and businesses in New OrleansMetairieSlidellBelle Chasse, and KennerLouisiana.


With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and team of factory trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently.


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